Maintenance cycle on car parts
Care & Maintenance vehicles are often less expensive than repair when damaged. important than just owning a car safety techniques.

Typically, you can schedule an appointment, marking the birthday of necessity, so why not add calendar rather spare parts, automobile maintenance? Proper car care is not simply remember filling gas, car wash and change oil regularly.

Calendar replacement parts, maintenance your car needs to have at least the following items:

Fuel filter

This is part of vehicle owners are less likely to be interested. Default is the kind of car you direct fuel injection, the fuel filter must operate continuously from when you start the engine and fuel pump operation, to prevent impurities clogging injector.

Fuel filters may be located under the hood, under the car or inside the fuel tank. The replacement is not too difficult, but need to know how to reduce pressure fuel system proper technique to remove filters that may not happen the eruption of fuel, and the fuel pipe should be removable true how to ensure safety. Therefore, the general advice is that you should take your car out for workers handling goods.

When to change? 2 year / 38,000 km or once.

Power steering oil

You should periodically check the power steering oil level with oil dipstick. Be sure to use only oil that the manufacturer recommends and immediately consult a mechanic if you see oil drain too quickly or you feel the wheel turning.

When to change? Check the power steering oil change oil every time to determine when to replace.


Battery / Battery

Although attention to keep the terminals clean and charging system works well, you can not avoid having to replace the battery. And when to replace the battery, do it right. Use only batteries suitable specifications car manufacturers offer. Consider buying batteries application of advanced technology, the cost of the initial investment may be more athletic, but in exchange for longer life and ensure the stable operation of the vehicle.

When to change? Typically from 48-60 months / time, or when necessary exception.

No gas engine and the air flow sensor needs to be clean, free of impurities, dirt, and that is the reason for the air filter. If the filter is dirty, rules will affect engine power and fuel consumption.

When to change? From 6-12 months or 19,000 km, or the Exception in case of necessity.

Automatic transmission oil

In an automatic car or semi-automatic gearbox oil and functionality as important as oil. It resists friction and ensure safe operating temperatures for parts in the gearbox. Repair costs will be very high if you do not pay attention gearbox oil change schedule.

When to change? 2 year / 38,000 km or once.

Spark plug

Without these parts, cars could not start the engine. Internal combustion engines cleaner and a day advances in the field of manufacturing spark plugs help vehicle owners more low maintenance, but ultimately also time to replace the spark plug. Too old spark plug can reduce fuel efficiency of vehicles, increased emissions and reduced engine performance.

When to change? 48000-160000 km.

Motor belts and cam belts

Motor belts and cam belts (timing belt) - in some vehicles the camshaft drive chain - timing chain) - have active coordinating role of the external and internal parts of the engine (valve, piston). About as simple as that must have been enough for you to understand the importance of this belt.

When to change? 3 years or 58,000 km with engine belts, and 96500-145000 km to the cam belt.


Coolant in the radiator undertake many tasks - antifreeze, coolant and corrosion inhibitor in the cooling system. With many such important tasks, of course you should always check the coolant and add as needed, with the right type and mix ratio of water (usually 50/50).

When to change? 2 years or 38,000 km.


Looking at the type of tire wear can learn driving too "basil", not suitable tire pressure or suspension parts are worn down. Whatever the cause is what it is to replace worn tires. The best way to determine tire change time is measured using instruments of tire wear.
Another way that Americans often use a coin-shaped President Lincoln, plug into slots to check tire wear, if you can see the entire top horizontal President tire is worn to the need to change.
When to change? When worn tires, or conventional 6-10 years.
No need to remind everyone would recognize the importance of the brakes, but not everyone remember to check the brakes and replace brake in time.
When to change? 2 years or 38.000km (brake fluid), before the brake pads worn at maximum.
One final word, care and regular car maintenance is always less expensive than repairing the damage. More important than the financial problems is to always own a car safety techniques.


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