Rust problems and stainless steel cleaners in Vietnam
With a tropical monsoon climate like in Vietnam, the rust on steel is inevitable conversation. Here we will learn more about general issues rust rust rust and steel in Vietnam.

 Corrosion (rust) What is lightning?
Rust is a reddish-brown substance is formed on the surface of iron when iron exposed to moist air uot.Thuat rust language is used for rust, rust was first composed primarily of hydrated iron oxide nuoc.Ri just sponge iron, just like soft sponges. A piece of rusted iron will absolutely increase volume of about 8 times. A piece of rusted iron status as a sponge absorbs water easily and quickly degrade nat.Ri lightning is formed by the combination of iron and oxygen in the atmosphere in a process called oxidation. The rust as metal weakened. The long-term exposure to air and humidity also makes the nails rust and rust holes are formed on the surface of the iron plate.

Rusted steel
Cause corrosion (rust) clay
Corrosion (rust) on the surface of clay forming machinery equipments is because most of the equipment is made of metal or alloy containing very high amounts of iron. Meanwhile, the metal iron is highly susceptible to rust. Iron rusted apart due to chemical activity of iron was due to external conditions. Water is a condition that makes iron rust. Chemists have to prove if the iron in the atmosphere, even if no water had also spent several years no rust. The reason is that only the presence of water and oxygen while the new work makes iron rust. Vietnam under the tropical monsoon climate, the moisture content in the air, so it is easy to occur on rusted metal. In addition, carbon dioxide dissolved in water also makes iron rust. The composition of rust is complex, consisting mainly of iron oxide, iron hydroxide, iron carbonate, etc. ...

Rust due to exposure to air
There are many factors that rusted iron: as the salt dissolves in the water, on the surface of iron objects not clean, roughness, carbon steel components, etc. ...
People have devised many methods to fight ri.Phuong steel is most commonly used method is to coat steel items with a "jacket". Paint and plating are simple measures to prevent rust. On the iron railway bridge usually paint people, in the hot nozzles spraying it with paint powder coated aluminum, it is on the tin containers, corrugated galvanized sheets VV ...
The most radical measures to combat iron rust is for a "core strength", adding other metals to form alloys of stainless steel. Inert alloy steels, stainless mainly because it was put on iron metals nickel, chromium stainless steel fabricated.
Status of stainless steel cleaners in Vietnam
In Vietnam often use acid-based rust removers to remove rust on steel because it is very cheap and works fast. But by the corrosive acid is highly recommended after bleaching the surface rust metal will corrode and all that it contacts the material as paint, plastic, .... In particular it will affect the health of the user when in direct contact with it. And for the products with high precision machine parts, gears and equipment, ... if using the steel rust removers will make the device about the size deviation from it will no longer use anymore.
Therefore, we recommend the use of water-based rust removers can just rust removal on your device, but also help you protect your own health or workers in factories. And a difference of product quality water-based rust removal is that it only works with rust without affecting other materials such as plastic, paint, wood, ...
You can see how the operation of water-based rust removers this:

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