When should I replace the engine oil?
Choose lubricant "quality" fit the engine and replaced regularly will help the engine achieve maximum operating conditions. But if given the choice to better suit the actual circumstances, every car owner should have a certain understanding.
A host of famous oil brand, with a long list of products for people who do not usually specialize overwhelmed. Even with many people in the profession can still confuse the general motor oil and used oil on the engine. Also known as machine oil, but the engine oil complex, intensive testing and continuous improvement to better suit the car.

The viscosity of oil changes in a variety of ?
         When cold, the oil is usually thick, thicker look. When high temperatures, they become diluted by then viscosity changes. This is the most important parameters when choosing appropriate oils oils suitable for the engine. Viscosity rating system by the U.S. Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) development. Viscosity values ​​recorded outside bottles often have 4 or 5 characters, for example, 10W-30. The first two digits associated with the letters "W" - Winter (winter) viscosity is measured at-180C. Two digits after the oil viscosity at 1000C.


       Viewpoints selected high viscosity oil for more engine strength is wrong. Older motors use high viscosity oil, but new types of uses low viscosity oil. The components manufactured more precisely, the gap between them is less than the old kind. If you use a higher viscosity oil for the new engine, while working in cold mode (boot new, lower engine temperature) easy generation of insufficient lubrication - oil does not go to all the slots area narrow openings. Another advantage of low viscosity oil is low resistance, the engine runs better fuel economy. 
       However, if the car was going more, the gap between the big details, the use of high viscosity oil is wise choice because they increase the tightness of steam, to create a state of hydrodynamic lubrication idea. This is also one of the reasons for periodic oil changes, because after using time decreasing the viscosity of the oil
Appropriate time of oil change 
     Recommendations for oil change cycle of the automaker heterogeneous. People often oil changes every 5,000 km with the reason for the engine more durable. But this is sometimes wasted because not pregnant exhausted the useful life of the oil. Some car manufacturers and the Environmental Protection advised to replace the vehicle reached 16,000 km. 
     Complete answer to this problem depends on driving style. If rarely run in excess of 16 km per use (not enough time to boil water temperature condensation) or regular oil when cold start (status details abrasive fast) then drain interval should be drawn shorter. In the case of vehicles normally on the 32 km on the highway, the distance between two vehicles may prolong rather than recommendations.


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